Who are we ?

A century of history

In 1906, in a little village in northeast France, the Neuhauser business was founded. Our craft origins, our taste for authenticity and our zeal for craft baking are the bedrock of the company’s values.

Neuhauser depuis 1906
1945 : local development

The Neuhauser family opened grocery shops. The business grew and became a Société Anonyme (a company limited by shares) in 1970.

1970 : the manufacturing dimension

Alfred-Neuhauser joined the business and gave it a manufacturing dimension with the launch of unbaked bread, then pre-baked bread. The production of prepacked morning goods was started in 1972.

1980 – 1990 : external growth

Several businesses were bought: UMB, Panavi, leader in frozen morning goods, and Brialys, producers of prepacked baked morning goods.

And from 2000 : the company continued to expand beyond France

Neuhauser looked abroad with the acquisitions of Panpor (Portugal), BMI (Spain) then Pomme de Pain and Le Crobag which are both in fast food. In France, there were further acquisitions and factory extensions.

In 2010,the first stone for the construction of the new Furst 2 production unit at Folschviller was laid.

In 2011, BCS joined the company, making Neuhauser the market leader in bakery goods.

In 2012, Gourmandises de Brocéliande (doughnuts, fritters) joined the company.

Now acknowledged as a major player on the bakery market in Europe, Neuhauser has been a member of the Soufflet Group since 2014.

Groupe Soufflet

The Soufflet Group, a major player in the food industry and experts in barley and wheat, is the biggest private buyer of cereals in Europe. It also operates on international cereal markets through its subsidiary Soufflet Négoce. In barley, it is a major player on the world malt market with twenty-eight plants in Europe, Asia and South America. In wheat, it is one of Europe’s biggest millers with eight mills in France and Belgium. It operates on the fast food market with the Pomme de Pain chain in France and Le Crobag in Germany. With its Biotechnology Division, the Soufflet Group invests heavily in the quest to find further added value for agricultural resources.

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Export dans le monde


Our business is to conceive, make and retail a wide range of products (unbaked, pre-baked, pre-proved, ambient and baked-frozen) by combining our bakery expertise and innovation with our manufacturing dimension.

Looking further afield, we export our products world-wide.

Export accounts for 45% of our sales


We aim for the operational excellence of our 2,300 staff who every day work with care and attention to detail when making our products - the Neuhauser Bakery Academy, our bakery and morning goods training college, provides ongoing training for our staff in best practices and perpetuates France’s expertise in the industry.

Craft recipes are adapted to modern plant production techniques to guarantee better consistency and always the great taste of authenticity.

Our goal

Our goal is to meet our customers’ needs and satisfy the end consumer in France and across the world, and thus strive to offer them high quality products and tailor-made, dedicated services.

Industrial Network

  • Neuhauser Maubeuge 1
    59600 Maubeuge
  • Neuhauser Maubeuge 2
    59600 Maubeuge
  • Neuhauser Terville
    57180 Terville
  • Neuhauser Siège
    57730 Folschviller
  • Neuhauser Furst 1
    57730 Folschviller
  • Neuhauser Furst 2
    57730 Folschviller
  • Neuhauser Saint-Quentin
    02100 Saint-Quentin
  • Neuhauser Reims
    51100 Reims
  • Neuhauser Bréal-sous-Vitré
    35370 Bréal-sous-Vitré
  • Neuhauser Ploermel
    56800 Ploermel
  • Neuhauser Sainte-Hermine
    85210 Saint-Hermine
  • Neuhauser Saint-Paul-en-Jarez
    42740 Saint Paul en Jarez
  • Neuhauser Aubignan
    84810 Aubignan
  • Neuhauser Tarascon
    13153 Tarascon
  • Neuhauser Colombiers
    34440 Colombiers
  • Neuhauser La Seyne-sur-Mer
    83500 La Seyne sur Mer
  • Neuhauser Panpor
    Rio Maior Portugal
  • White breads
  • Brioches
  • Specials breads
  • Morning goods, Doughnuts or cakes